Yazd profil Co

Yazd profil company was established in 1973 with the purpose of producing different pipes and steel profiles in 130000 square meter land and went into production line in 1975

With trust in God, perseverance and diligence of experienced and skillful personnel in subsequence years ,the name of this company has been recorded and fixed in category of vanguards in this industry

Yazd profil company is able to produce profile in different sizes and cuttings in square and rectangular tubes, ordinary, Mexican and French frame profiles, doors & windows profiles, rim, industrial pipes and so on with 7 production lines

Production method

Row materials of Profile Company come in to the factory in a roll shape and were cut by slitting machine and then inter to the production line

First, informing unit, row materials model like a pipe after passing among special rolls and after welding pipe slit with HF method then they inters into sizing unit and after passing among suitable moulds and rolls shape into profile

 Finally the production will be cut out in ideal length by automated cutting machine ad will be packed

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Quality assurance

Customers satisfaction, reliance and realization quality policy are the main aims of Yazd Profile Company

To achive mentioned aims the company requires planning and performing of method in quality management system frame, employing current and modern knowledge in quality engineering, using experienced specialists and modern facilities and equipments measuring and quality control

Regarding above mentioned aims, Yazd Profile Company could be successful to receive quality management license Iso9001 : 2008 from England MIC, foundation

Foreign market

With the attention to fact that Yazd Profile company believes customer orientation and employing the especial and motivated human forces and also having high quality comparable product could export its products to the other countries

Regarding economical and political changes in neighbor countries in recent years, neighbor specially Iraq ,Afghanistan and middle Asia have major share in exporting products of this company

some honor of Yazd Profil Company

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